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BCS National Championship Game: LSU's Jordan Jefferson Says He Made 'Great Decisions'

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LSU Tigers quarterback Jordan Jefferson did not have a good game in the BCS National Championship. He regularly got happy feet in the pocket, took bad sacks, and he had one extremely comical interception. Generally, when quarterbacks have games in which they do all of these things, they are aware that there is a problem. They then do their best to correct that problem.

Jordan Jefferson is not one of those quarterbacks. He doesn't even know that there was a problem. Don't believe me?

"I was seeing things clearly. Making decisions with the ball wasn't an issue. Other than that, I made great decisions with the ball. Offensively, we just fell short."

Here is an example of one of Jefferson's good decisions with the ball.


Jefferson turned the ball over twice, ran for 15 yards and threw for 53 yards in LSU's loss.

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