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The Top 100 Games Of The 2011 College Football Season, 100 Through 71

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100. Western Michigan 45, Ball State 35 (Oct. 29). A month of serious MACtion kicks off with 80 points and 1,165 yards.

99. Syracuse 36, Wake Forest 29 (Sept. 1). One of the season's first games finishes with a 15-point rally.

98. Western Kentucky 36, Middle Tennessee 33 (Oct. 6). An earnest, exciting, glitch-filled game that spurred a surprising WKU run to the top half of the Sun Belt.

97. Minnesota 22, Iowa 21 (Oct. 29). Jerry Kill finds reason to smile amid a harrowing first season in Minneapolis.

96. Champs Sports Bowl: Florida State 18, Notre Dame 14 (Dec. 29). Big-boy football on the same day as the Baylor-Washington track meet.

95. Utah State 34, San Jose State 33 (Nov. 12). If you were watching a Utah State game in 2011, you were probably enjoying yourself. Ten of their 13 games were decided by a touchdown or less.

94. Ohio State 27, Toledo 22 (Sept. 10). This wasn't the Ohio State of previous years, but Toledo's first of many appearances on the countdown still featured some huge passing downs conversions and a down-to-the-wire finish.

93. Kansas 45, Northern Illinois 42 (Sept. 10). Steve Physioc almost blew out his vocal chords in the fourth quarter.

92. Washington State 31, Colorado 27 (Oct. 1). Marshall Lobbestael's finest hour. For one glorious afternoon, it appeared Wazzu might end up bowl-eligible.

91. Texas 27, Texas A&M 25 (Nov. 24). A rivalry (temporarily) ends with an unlikely last-second field goal drive.

90. Oklahoma State 59, Tulsa 33 (Sept. 17). Pretty exciting for a game that started early on Sunday morning.

89. Colorado State 35, Utah State 34 (Sept. 24). Nothing is more exciting in college football than the moment you realize a team is going for two points and the win (instead of kicking the PAT) in the final seconds or overtime. Utah State went for it and failed in the second OT of this one.

88. Wake Forest 35, Florida State 30 (Oct. 8). Sure, it took countless injuries and five turnovers, but the Deacs pull the shocker and hand the Seminoles a jarring third straight loss.

87. Iowa State 44, Iowa 41 (Sept. 10). Steele Jantz's finest (and, almost, only) hour.

86. Florida Atlantic 38, UAB 35 (Nov. 26). Owls come through in the clutch to prevent a winless final season for Howard Schnellenberger.

85. Syracuse 33, Toledo 30 (Sept. 24). It's not every day that you win a game because you missed a kick the refs said you made.

84. Clemson 35, Florida State 30 (Sept. 24). Oh, Clemson. You sure did own September.

83. Sugar Bowl: Michigan 23, Virginia Tech 20 (Jan. 3). This game figured out how to keep your attention while not actually being exciting at all. A tough feat. Pretty sure Virginia Tech fans will not remember this game as "exciting" so much as "infuriating."

82. Cincinnati 37, South Florida 34 (Oct. 22). Bearcats come back from 10 down in the fourth quarter, hand the lead back over to South Florida with 1:27 left, then score the winning touchdown with 12 seconds left. Like Michigan-Notre Dame, only without the Big House.

81. Ohio 35, Temple 31 (Nov. 2). The lead changed hands four times in the fourth quarter, and Ohio ended up taking home the division title because of this one.

80. Kansas State 28, Miami 24 (Sept. 24). KSU wins with a late goal line stand, but it is overshadowed by the other exciting games KSU played in 2011.

79. Belk Bowl: N.C. State 31, Louisville 24 (Dec. 27). Nothing special about this one; it was just a hard-hitting, fun game between two young, athletic teams, in front of a nice bowl atmosphere.

78. Florida International 24, Louisville 17 (Sept. 9). The T.Y. Hilton Show.

77. South Carolina 56, East Carolina 37 (Sept. 3). South Carolina falls behind 17-0, gives up a touchdown on the final play of the first half ... and with Stephen Garcia coming off of the bench, scores 42 second-half points to win easily.

76. Baylor 66, Texas Tech 42 (Nov. 26). Baylor's first of many games on this list. Somehow, a game with a key injury, 108 points and 1,061 yards doesn't manage to stand out in BU's season.

75. Texas Tech 35, Nevada 34 (Sept. 24). Damn, were there some crazy games in the Big 12 this year.

74. Auburn 42, Utah State 38 (Sept. 3). Auburn saves face with an onside kick and two frantic touchdown drives.

73. Virginia 14, Florida State 13 (Nov. 19). Florida State is saved by replay, then blows a shot at a game-winning field goal.

72. SMU 40, TCU 33 (Oct. 1). A turning point of sorts for TCU; the Horned Frogs began to resemble the Horned Frogs after this gut-wrenching rivalry upset.

71. South Florida 23, Notre Dame 20 (Sept. 3). Subplots galore as Notre Dame kills themselves with turnovers, Brian Kelly's head explodes, and Dayne Crist is benched.

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