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Brent Venables Not Leaving Oklahoma For Kansas State, According To Report

Is Oklahoma Sooners defensive coordinator leaving Norman for that Clemson Tigers job? We still don't quite know yet, but, according to Dave Sittler, he won't leave for the Kansas St. Wildcats gig. K-State? Wait, where'd that one come from?

Reports of Wildcats defensive coordinator Chris Cosh heading to USF stirred up speculation that Venables may have an opening elsewhere in the Big 12, should he feel crowded out by Mike Stoops' addition to the OU staff. And now we're all caught up.

It still appears to be either Clemson or Oklahoma, with all signs up until a couple days ago pointing to an exit to the Tigers. If any more rumors pop up in the interim that Sittler needs to go out of his way to put out, we'll stay on top of them.

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