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Brent Venerables Tells Reporter 'I'm Staying' At Oklahoma

Wednesday afternoon, news broke that Oklahoma Sooners defensive coordinator Brent Venables was waiting for approval on a contract with the Clemson Tigers to become their new defensive coordinator.

Tulsa World sports columnist Dave Sittler reached out to Venables to get confirmatio and instead received a two-word text response:

"I'm staying."

That said, Sittler also confirmed that a contract for Venables is in fact in the hands of Clemson's compensation committee. So it's hard to say that his response merits an "end of story." Sittler seems to think that Venables is still going to lean Clemson at the end of the day.

You can also throw in this report that, when asked, a Clemson committee member said it was "news to him."

Venables has denied to Sooners beat writers that he's taking the Clemson job already, but there's still enough going on to give the story credence.

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