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Dorial Green-Beckham Meets A Helicopter Coach

You've heard of helicopter parents whirling around their kids' sporting activities, but what about a helicopter coach? In an effort to woo Dorial Green-Beckham, the top recruit in the country, Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel grabbed his handy chopper and touched down at the young man's school on Wednesday.

This is the sideshow that is recruiting. Coaches will pull out all the stops -- limos, private jets, helicopters -- to impress a prospective student athlete. The bigger the recruit, the more a coach goes all out to try and gain any kind of competitive advantage.



That's Green-Beckham hanging out in the helicopter, and it sure looks like he's ready to fly. Scenes like the one above will take place across the country over the next two weeks as coaches bet their future on 18-year-old kids who can be swayed by a graceful landing at their high school during 5th period P.E.

"Dorial, there's someone here to see you, look up"
*Les Miles bungee jumps naked off a nearby water tower*