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Brent Venables Hired As Clemson Defensive Coordinator, Dabo Swinney Texts

Considering the events of Wednesday, this had to happen how it did. Dabo Swinney finally sent out a text blast to the media announcing Oklahoma defensive coordinator Brent Venables had been hired in the same capacity at Clemson. Throughout the day, texts were exchanged with various members of the media, leading to moments of confusion about Venables status with Oklahoma and/or Clemson.

Then again, Swinney also used shorthand, so BV could be Brent Venables, or it could be anyone else with the initials BV.

In all seriousness, he's gone for real this time.

The move has been expected for quite some time, with Bob Stoops' brother, Mike Stoops, rejoining the Oklahoma staff as defensive coordinator. Had he stayed at Oklahoma, Venables would've had to cede much of the defensive coordinator work to Stoops, in all likelihood, creating for a somewhat awkward situation.