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Oregon Vs. Wisconsin Final Score, Rose Bowl 2012: Roses For Puddles

The Oregon Ducks have handed the Wisconsin Badgers their second Rose Bowl loss in a row in one of the highest-scoring games in Rose history (and one of the highest-scoring games of a HIGH-SCORY bowl season), 45-38. The Ducks left Russell Wilson only 16 seconds on the clock to attempt a comeback, but, as has been the case all year, the closing moments were not kind to the Badgers. Live Rose Bowl box score and Rose Bowl FAQ.

UW made it all the way to midfield with only nine ticks left, then found Nick Toon near the red zone as two second remained. A spike attempt did not make it to the ground in time, and after a review, that was that. In a game filled with close calls, that was the closest, but it's in the books.

Oregon's 621 yards worth of offense came in only 24 minutes worth of possession. A BCS bowl win for the Ducks, a possible top-four finish, and the conclusion of perhaps the finest season in school history.

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