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Intense Oregon Fan Just Stared Wisconsin Into Fumbling

Jared Abbrederis just fumbled away Wisconsin's Rose Bowl with the weirdest dead-drop knuckler of a football to ever not bounce on the hallowed turf of the Rose Bowl. Football is a game of inches, and in this case precious inches of green grass separated a live, perfectly motionless ball from the sideline. Oregon defenders picked the ball up, the Ducks ran the clock down to nothing, and Russell Wilson then came down with a case of Miles' Chronodysfunction with two seconds left on the clock. (Translation: he did not get the final play off.)

The obvious reason for Abbrederis and Wilson simultaneously blowing fuses when Wisconsin needed them most?

This woman, obviously.


The Medusa Of Eugene's stare is so powerful it will freeze football players dead in their tracks, and with one glance can reduce them to stone where they stand.


What wins football games? Intensity, people. Sheer, eye-scorching intensity. Warning: do not look directly at this picture. You will cease to know, and drop whatever you are holding to the floor.