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Stanford Vs. Oklahoma State Update: No Rose Bowl, That's For Sure

After an approximately 900-point Rose Bowl, we're all terribly baffled to see the Fiesta Bowl scoreboard still registering zeroes after the opening Stanford Cardinal drive. Andrew Luck and crew drove all the way to the Oklahoma St. Cowboys 23 before Griff Whalen missed a field goal, but Brandon Weeden gave the whole thing another chance. Live Fiesta Bowl box score and Fiesta Bowl FAQ

Terence Brown picked off Weeden, but a stern and potentially flaggable hit by OSU and a sack of Luck, and we were once again rendered pointsless. Oklahoma State went three-and-out on their next drive. That hit on Ty Montgomery by Markelle Martin, by the way:


Other than a 38-yard Stepfan Taylor run, we haven't seen a great deal of anything box scorey happening so far.

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