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Fiesta Bowl 2012 Score Update: Stanford Trampling Oklahoma State

The Stanford Cardinal have started out the 2012 Fiesta Bowl on a roll, while the Oklahoma St. Cowboys look more like the Dallas Cowboys, dare I say. The score is now 14-0 after a 24-yard rush by Jeremy Stewart, and Stanford now has three individual plays that have gone for more yardage than OSU's mustered in the entire game. A look at Stewart's run, which shows Stanford's physical advantage up front: Live Fiesta Bowl box score and Fiesta Bowl FAQ

OSU's defense gives up lots of points and yards, but makes its hay by forcing turnovers. They've picked off Luck once, but probably shouldn't count on many more of those coming their way.

All of this is highly pleasing to certain corners of the Southeast:

Russell Shepard@LSUShep10 And Coach Gundy said they were going to score how many points against us?

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