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Fiesta Bowl 2012 Score Update: Justin Blackmon Gets Okie State On The Board

The Stanford Cardinal picked up another touchdown to go up 14-0 on the Oklahoma State Cowboys, but the Pokes finally got their offense in gear in the second quarter. Quarterback Brandon Wheeden connected with Colton Chelf in the middle of the field for a big 29-yard gain in the air. Just two plays later, Wheeden connected with star wide receiver Justin Blackmon down the seam for a 43-yard touchdown, finally putting Oklahoma State on the board. Live Fiesta Bowl box score and Fiesta Bowl FAQ

As you can see on the play, Blackmon was able to get wide open on the Stanford defense. Maybe Stanford was taking the two-time Biletnikoff Award winner lightly because he's dealing with an "inner thigh infection" that supposedly limits his movement. With the score, Oklahoma State cut the lead 14-7.

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