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Fiesta Bowl 2012 Score Update: Justin Blackmon Catches Second TD

Oklahoma State was shut out in the first quarter for the first time this season, but Stanford couldn't expect to keep a good offense down all game. Justin Blackmon, the Cowboys stud wide receiver, has raced Oklahoma State back into the 2012 Fiesta Bowl, scoring his second touchdown of the game to tie the game at 14-14 midway through the second quarter. Live Fiesta Bowl box score and Fiesta Bowl FAQ

The Cowboys' second touchdown drive took just two plays and all of 38 seconds. Blackmon has now caught two passes for two touchdowns and 110 total receiving yards. Here's video of the second touchdown:

Blackmon is projected to go No. 6 in the SB Nation's first 2012 NFL Mock Draft, but he could go even higher if he's able to single-handedly deliver Oklahoma State all of the Tostitos against the Cardinal.

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