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Oklahoma State Vs. Stanford Score Update: Cowboys Have Answers In 2012 Fiesta Bowl

Oklahoma State has had little success stopping Stanford in the first half, but the Cowboys have answered each Cardinal score, and end the first half tied 21-21 in the 2012 Fiesta Bowl. Something about a good offense being the best defense seems fitting here. Live Fiesta Bowl box score and Fiesta Bowl FAQ

After finding Justin Blackmon for Oklahoma State's first two scores of the game, quarterback Brandon Weeden did it himself, stretching out over the goal-line and getting into the end zone on a designed QB draw at the end of the first half. Here's video of the touchdown:

Weeden should continue to look for Blackmon in the second half -- the cowboys wide receiver has four catches for 139 yards and two touchdowns already (already the first 100-yard receiving game against the Cardinal this season). But if Stanford dials in on stopping Blackmon, it's good to know Weeden can take it himself.

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