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Penn State Coaching Staff Switch Means $4 Million In Severance Pay

The Penn St. Nittany Lions have a new coaching staff this year. Did you know that? Yeah, they brought on a new head coach and everything. It was pretty big in the news for a while. He might even actually get to join his new team soon, once the Patriots finally lose!

The transition will cost PSU $4.4 million in severance pay, acting athletic director Dave Joyner revealed. That includes money going the way of departed interim coach Tom Bradley and former offensive coordinator Jay Paterno, who weren't retained by new head coach Bill O'Brien.

The only two coaches to keep their spots by B.O'.B.: defensive line coach Larry Johnson and linebackers coach Ron Vanderlinden. Just in case anybody's wondering, no, former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky isn't included in any of this. He hadn't coach in many a year.

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