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Chad Kelly, Nephew Of Hall Of Fame Quarterback Jim Kelly, Made His Own Theme Music

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Quarterbacks are typically at the top of the food chain in their high school, but Clemson Tigers recruit Chad Kelly has made sure everyone knows exactly how important he is as completes his senior season at Saint Joseph's Collegiate Institute in Buffalo, N.Y.

One would think he's got enough of a high profile simply due to the fact that he's a top recruit, lives in Buffalo and is the nephew of Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly, but that apparently wasn't enough for the 6-foot-3 quarterback. No ... he had to make his own theme music, too.

That isn't the most listenable song on this side of the internet, but has the track details for those that are interested:

Know what else Chad Kelly has? THEME MUSIC. That's right, G5-Gi (featuring Deezy!) dropped the track "Chad Kelly" on Friday night. Hit the field, it's going down, Chad Kelly!

So that happened. Neat, huh?