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Georgia Immigration Policy Robs UGA Of Football Recruit

They say the only way to stop a thing from happening is for said thing to happen to someone famous. 'Round here there's nobody more famous than the Georgia Bulldogs, who've just lost Chester Brown, a three-star, 340-pound guard from Samoa who's already got a Dawgs tattoo, thanks to problems with his paperwork.

Specifically, a state Board of Regents immigration policy meant to keep schools from bringing on undocumented international students at the expense of locals.

Brown attended a Hinesville, Georgia high school before committing to UGA, but [something something something about papers]. Neither side has given up yet on getting him to Athens -- he's still got that tattoo, after all.

It's pretty easy to decry the policy without even venturing from sports into politics. Here we see a clear example of how the rule can hurt both schools and students. It would not be hard to use the football team as an analogy for any other university institution, academic or otherwise, that seeks the best possible prospects for scholarships.

Anybody who didn't like this policy when it was implemented now has a highly relevant way to show how short-sighted it was in the first place. And furthermo-

Actually, let me just say this: Georgians, you best believe Florida Gators coaches aren't recruiting with this same handicap. There we go.