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2012 Big 12 Football Schedule To Be Released By February, Says Chuck Neinas

New Big 12 football schedules come out soon. Will they include West Virginia without somebody getting sued?

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The 2012 Big 12 football schedule, featuring the TCU Horned Frogs and possibly maybe the West Virginia Mountaineers if we're lucky and don't have to hear about counter-contra-lawsuits any more, will be released before February 1, commissioner Chuck Neinas said Wednesday.

It also won't feature the Missouri Tigers and Texas A&M Aggies, who left for the SEC, you'll recall. Just making sure we're all caught up together.

The current 10-team (if WVU is able to escape the Big East) arrangement makes for simple round-robin scheduling possibilities, a la the Pac-10 of yore. That would leave each team with three out-of-conference games, though let's be honest here -- surely the Texas Longhorns will look up and find themselves with like five OOC games, and nobody will be quite sure how that happened. Oops!

We can also expect TCU and Texas to play on Thanksgiving Day, the Oklahoma Sooners to play Texas 'round the same date as always, and so forth.

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