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'We Are Mizzou' A Warning Shot To The SEC

Mizzou is coming, and it's bringing white rappers with auto-tune. So ready yourself, SEC. You're on notice Arkansas. That Kansas in your name looks suspicious and these gentlemen from Mizzou are putting you on blast.

"We are Mizzou" is the name of the music video and it has all the makings of ... well, just bad. Auto-tune? Check. Corny disses? Yep. Awkward gyrations. Oh, you're damn right.

Hit the jump for this club banger.

H/T for this glorious find goes to @beccarushworth

It should also be noted that the label is aTm records. The capitalization is mine, because I felt like tying Texas A&M to their friends and new SEC mates, Mizzou.

And now, a public service announcement: Please stop this. Everybody. The bad Youtube team-spirit rap videos have got to go. Yes, you, college kid with some video equipment and, perhaps, access to an auto-tuner. Use it for something more productive than ... than this.

Somewhere, Mike Slive is trying to figure out a way to ban these things. He'll succeed because, you know, Mike Slive.