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Orange Bowl 2012, West Virginia Vs. Clemson: Offense, Offense Everywhere

The West Virginia Mountaineers and Clemson Tigers both had rough patches in their seasons and came out of conferences that suffered from down years. In some sort of system where the 'best' teams got to play in the biggest games, Clemson and West Virginia would not get to play in the Orange Bowl. It's a good thing that we live in a world where the 'flawed' BCS is king, because in a world that was 'fair', we wouldn't get to watch this potentially fantastic shootout.

Both of these teams are mediocre defensively and are in possession of very good offenses. This game won't be nearly as crazy as the Alamo Bowl and the football probably won't be as good as the Rose Bowl, but the public should probably expect something roughly in-between the two. Lots of scoring, a good deal of defensive fail, and an all-around entertaining encounter.

West Virginia and Clemson both took interesting roads to the BCS, partially depending on the teams around them to fail miserably. West Virginia was, at multiple points in the season, not the team in pole position to receive the Big East's bid to the BCS. Clemson did a Clemson after a strong start, losing three of their last four regular season games. WVU won their last three Big East games to back into this game, while Clemson picked themselves up from those three losses in their last four games to beat Virginia Tech for the second time this season in the ACC Championship Game.

Clemson Tigers blog Shakin' The Southland has a fantastic lengthy breakdown of the West Virginia "air raid" passing attack that's well worth a read. It's everything you've ever wanted to know about the offensive concepts of the air raid and how West Virginia's playmakers fit into the system. They also took the time to West Virginia blog The Smoking Musket, and their conversation provides some fantastic insight into how the two schools are treating this bowl game.

For more on the Mountaineers, head over to the SB Nation blog The Smoking Musket.Check out Shakin' The Southland for everything Tigers. Head over to the official site of the Orange Bowl for more on this year's game.