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Terry Bowden Wanted For Arrest Due To Traffic Tickets

Akron coach Terry Bowden has two warrants for his arrest regarding unpaid speeding tickets in Alabama.

via Todd Warshaw /Allsport
via Todd Warshaw /Allsport

New Akron Zips head coach Tommy Bowden did a little too much zipping in his car while head coach at the University of North Alabama when he was issued two speeding tickets that remain unpaid. As such, there are currently two warrants out for his arrest (via WHNT).

According to court documents, Bowden owes $537 in fines and failed to show up in court on both charges, which led to the suspension of his driver's license. Hopefully, he didn't drive to Ohio when he took the Akron job.

The son of Bobby Bowden has a 139–63–2 career coaching record, going 47–17–1 at Auburn and 29–10 at Division II North Alabama, where he's won a Gulf South Conference title and at least one playoff game in each of his three years. He also made the playoffs twice with Samford and won two West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference championships at Salem. We're digging deep here, folks.

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