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Virginia Tech Vs. Michigan, Overtime Update: Sugar Bowl To Extra Frames

Did the Virginia Tech Hokies deserve to be in the 2012 Sugar Bowl over the Boise St. Broncos or Kansas St. Wildcats? At least as much as the Michigan Wolverines did, apparently, with the score sitting at 20-20 thanks to yet another solid kick by the third-stringer. A clutch kick in a bowl game by any kicker would be a big deal, these days, but especially noteworthy when it's the third-stringer, yes? Live Sugar Bowl box score and Sugar Bowl FAQ.

Danny Coale continued to make up for his awkward fake punt-turned-punt, making multiple clutch catches on the drive and reaching 117 yards for the game. Tight end Chris Drager's first catch of the game put the Hokies within Justin Myer's range -- the third-stringer was three-of-three entering the drive.

But Michigan's defense held, as it has all night, aided by a false start. With five seconds remaining, Myer punched it in.

This game should've been decided long ago, and in the Hokies favor. Three VPI turnovers, along with a couple unbelievable occurrences, have the score as it stands now. How dominant was Virginia Tech's defense for 90 percent of the game? Only 179 yards for the Wolverines, and this out of Denard Robinson (he finished with 13 yards in regulation):

Bruce Feldman@BFeldmanCBS In 2 years as a starter, the lowest rushing yds Denard has had in a game was 30 vs. ILL. Tonight: 0 yds on 11 carries.

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