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ANIMATED: Danny Coale Touchdown Catch Called Back In Sugar Bowl Overtime

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Hey, was this a catch or not? Some people have opinions about whether this was a catch or not, so maybe you do too. Virginia Tech Hokies wide receiver Danny Coale, who's been terrific when not punting throughout the 2012 Sugar Bowl, laid out in the end zone for a heave from quarterback Logan Thomas, landing with the ball -- which appeared to maybe budge a little, from a certain angle, once you squinted: Live Sugar Bowl box score and Sugar Bowl FAQ.


It ended up being called back by the game's Pac-12 officials, which was a very, very big deal, as Justin Myer missed the first of his five field goal attempts on the next play. If the Michigan Wolverines are able to achieve only a single field goal, that'll decide this game.

(Looks like a catch to me.)

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