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Orange Bowl 2012: Cheap Tickets Still Available For Clemson, West Virginia

Haven't bought your ticket yet for the 2012 Orange Bowl between the Clemson Tigers and West Virginia Mountaineers? That's okay, there are plenty of affordable tickets still available for you.

On, the world’s top scalping site, Orange Bowl seats were selling for as little as $11 Tuesday afternoon. At the official resale board on the Orange Bowl’s homepage, the prime seats on the 50-yard line could be had for less than $300 — a significant discount, given a comparable seat for next week’s national championship game in New Orleans costs about $4,000.

A midweek kickoff and a lack of national interest in the match-up, which is a usual complaint about the Orange Bowl, have a lot to do with the lackluster ticket sales. However, the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau estimates occupancy will be slighly higher on game day this year than it was in 2011 —75 percent versus 73 percent.

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