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NFL Draft 2012: Landry Jones Returning To Oklahoma For One More Year

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Landry Jones will not enter the 2012 NFL Draft, Oklahoma announced Thursday.

Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Landry Jones will return for his senior season instead of entering the 2012 NFL Draft, the school announced Thursday. Not a huge surprise, as OU fans have expected him to stay and NFL scouts have advised against a jump just yet.

Jones on his decision to stick around:

"I want to accomplish the goals that I set before I got here, and there is still a lot more to do," Jones said. "I want to make sure I've exhausted every effort in that area. And I want to be a senior. I enjoy being at OU and with my teammates and look forward to graduating with the guys that were in my class when I got here."

When Matt Barkley announced his choice to return to the USC Trojans, Jones could've become a potential first-round selection. But considering the way Oklahoma's season fell apart after star receiver Ryan Broyles' injury, it makes sense Jones would like one more year.

This year, Jones put together a 4,463-yard effort, nearly halving his junior sack numbers but throwing more picks at a slightly lower competition percentage.

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