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Bill O'Brien Hired As Penn State Coach, Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Confirms

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Here's the first official confirmation that New England Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien will be introduced as the next head coach of the Penn St. Nittany Lions: Pats owner Robert Kraft has publicly congratulated him on the new gig. While PSU has yet to announce it -- they're expected to unveil O'Brien on Saturday -- Kraft's a pretty reliable source here, wouldn't you say?

Kraft to the Boston Herald:

"I'm sad to lose him. I told him that," Kraft said earlier this morning in a phone conversation with Karen Guregian. "We have a philosophy in our company, that if anyone has an opportunity and we can't match it - we did have the ability to deny him under our contract - but this is one of the great college coaching positions. they have their challenges right now.

"Billy is a very high quality guy, he's got integrity. he's honest, and I'm sad to see him go," Kraft went on, "but I think they've chosen wisely."

O'Brien was with New England since 2007, rising through the ranks and becoming offensive coordinator in 2011. Whatever may come of his college head coaching career, I think we can all comfortably assume he's indeed a person of integrity. That had to have been Penn State's No. 1 qualification for the job.

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