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Bill O'Brien To Penn State: PSU, Big Ten Experts React To Hire

If you took a poll of Penn St. Nittany Lions fans on new head coach Bill O'Brien right now, you'd find a dismal figure staring back at you. Former players are just about frothing, the message boards are aflame -- but you know what? There are already positives.

Recruits like the idea of playing for Tom Brady's coordinator, for one thing.

For the definitive take on Penn State sports, I turn to Black Shoe Diaries, and not just because they're on our network. It's a hilarious, well-written, well-staffed site, one not at all prone to hitting the ceiling even in the most trying times. And these are trying times!

Would you like to read eight smart Penn State fans express themselves on what the hire means for Penn State football? If you read one thing about Bill O'Brien, it should be this.

Also, from Big Ten blog Off Tackle Empire, three points Penn State needed that O'Brien just might be able to provide:

While Bill O'Brien is not a "home run" "slam dunk" hire, maybe he addresses three key criteria that are vital to the program right now: 1) distance from the Sandusky-involved past; 2) a disciplinarian who will minimize bad news going forward; and 3) results on the field (yes, this is not completely ruled out before he is announced as head coach).

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