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Oregon HydraChrome Helmet (Briefly) For Sale

Admit it. For days now you've been going out to your backyard after work and doing your best LaMichael James impersonation as you hurdle bushes that represent Wisconsin Badgers players and score a game-winning touchdown for the Oregon Ducks. You then rip a rose out of your neighbor's garden, put it in your mouth and dance around your own little Rose Bowl celebration as the champion of Pasadena.

The only thing missing is your very own Oregon HydraChrome helmet. And you almost had your chance to buy one.

One of the helmets worn by Oregon in the Rose Bowl showed up on eBay earlier today. However, as soon as word leaked...the helmet disappeared.

Adding to the intrigue, Oregon's senior associate AD for Marketing/Public Relations Craig Pintens told Yahoo! Sports that all helmets were accounted for by the Ducks equipment staff. So either the auction was a ruse (Heavens!) or someone associated with the Oregon program tried to pull a shady one.

Then again I just can't imagine anyone associated with Oregon dong something shady...oh, right.