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2012 Cotton Bowl Halftime Update: Meshak Williams Injured, K-State Scoring

The Kansas St. Wildcats are on a nine-point run that began with 4:10 left in the second quarter of the 2012 Cotton Bowl. Nine-point runs are rare, so let's walk through this one. Nigel Malone ran back a blocked extra point for two, and then a Tyler Wilson fumble turned into a sweet misdirection toss from Collin Klein to Andre McDonald at the goal line. The score is 19-9, Arkansas. Live Cotton Bowl box score and Cotton Bowl FAQ

K-State has 60 yards worth of offense, yet is very much hanging in there against the SEC's most explosive offense. This is so K-State. Credit the Cats defense, which had limited the Arkansas Razorbacks to only 146 yards before some late-half milling around.

An unpleasant moment occurred on a Wilson scramble at the end of the period, when Meshak Williams and Emmanuel Lamur banged helmets. Lamur was hurt, but was able to make it off the field, while Williams was down for a long time with what appears to be a concussion. He was alert while being carted off the field, raising a K-State hand sign for the crowd.

Here's the hit, followed by Williams' salute:



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