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Arkansas Vs. Kansas State Final Score, Cotton Bowl: Hogs Rolling Into 2012

The Arkansas Razorbacks have completed their first 11-win season since 1977 and the most successful year of their SEC tenure, downing the Kansas St. Wildcats, 29-16, in the 2012 Cotton Bowl. It wasn't technically a BCS game, but it was one of only a handful of bowls to pair two top-10 teams, something not even the Orange Bowl could claim.

This should make for the fourth top-five poll finish in program history. Cotton Bowl box score and Cotton Bowl FAQ

With Tyler Wilson likely sticking around, Paul Petrino coming back, and a rearranged defensive staff -- along with the potential of a Knile Davis return -- a top-five start for 2012 is in the cards as well.

Though Wilson posted only 216 yards on a subpar (347) night by Razorbacks standards, a superb effort by the Hogs defense limited the ground-adept Cats to only 92 yards worth of rushing. The Arkansas D added six sacks and two turnovers to boot. It's not often we get to tout Arkansas' defense, but there you have it.

Let's not overlook the season enjoyed by K-State, which bolted together double-digit wins of their own thanks to guile and spare parts and craft. Bright futures all around?

For now, we'll just trust this gentleman will be spotted throughout each and every avenue of Dallas at one point or another this evening:


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