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PHOTOS: Harvey Updyke, LSU Fans And A Pretty Great Night In NOLA

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We'll just keep saying it: everyone not in New Orleans this weekend spent most of the weekend trying to come up with a way to get to New Orleans. The unlucky stragglers will just have to make do with photos and videos from the scene. And, my oh my, what a scene.

First up! Alleged tree-poisoner Harvey Updyke chatting up LSU fans while being approached by Alabama fans for pics and talking up his literary concerns -- that do anything for you?

Yes, the back of his jacket sported his catch phrase. Via Izzy Gould:


Speaking of Updyke, the most Paul Finebaum photo of all time (via and featuring Paul Finebaum):


Just LSU's band playing on the roof of a brewery (via Monica Hernandez):


Just a normal photo of Trent Richardson playing craps (via Joseph Pearce):


An A.J. McCarron effigy earns its own mini-parade float, a critical NOLA rite of passage (via Ben Culpepper):


Festivities aren't confined to the streets, of course (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images):


Just a normal photo of endless Bama fans yelling at something (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images):


And, finally, 2011-2012 Fan of the Year nominee Crying Bama Fan enjoying his E-fame (via Kerry Broome):