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Ted Roof To Penn State Rumors Emerge, PSU Fans Hit Ceiling

Central Florida Knights defensive coordinator Ted Roof has had quite a coaching career. As of late, he led the Auburn Tigers to some of the worst defenses in school history, followed shortly later by a shuttling to UCF. Now, rumors have ushered forth that he could land a job on Bill O'Brien's first Penn St. Nittany Lions coaching staff:

Pete Roussel@coachingsearch Sources tell me that UCF defensive coordinator Ted Roof will be joining the Penn State staff.

Not necessarily as the DC, mind you, though Roof's expertise is linebackery, and PSU's retained its linebackers coach.

For now, let's call it a rumor that's a little too strange to have zero truth to it. After all, O'Brien spoke well of Roof at his introductory press conference, so perhaps there's been a courtesy interview of some sort. (Let's also remember he's had a very, very quick stint in his past.)

But unless the argument is that Auburn's defense lacked talent (like Nick Fairley!), not sure how Nittany Lions fans are supposed to respond to this rumor.

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