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Alabama Closing In On National Championship Game Win, LSU Helpless

Believe it or not, the LSU Tigers sent Jordan Jefferson back out at quarterback late in the third quarter against the Alabama Crimson Tide. After throwing an interception and doing little else otherwise, Jefferson looked down the Superdome field with a true two-score deficit -- like, it almost looked like Alabama scored a touchdown somewhere in there! Live LSU-Alabama box score

With 59 yards at the beginning of the drive, LSU needed an unprecedented big play just to cut the game's 15-0 lead in halfish. Kenny Hilliard mustered a first down, just the third of the game for the Tigers, which was a start.

But that's where it ended. Nick Gentry blasted through the line to stuff J.C. Copeland's fourth-down attempt on the next third, and Brad Wing sent the ball into Alabama's 20. Only 13 minutes remained, and nary a player on LSU's sideline looks convinced they can pull this off.

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