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Alabama Vs. LSU Game Update: Fourth Quarter Lead Looks Enormous For Tide

At this point, it looks like not even Tyrann Mathieu can spark the LSU Tigers into a comeback win over the Alabama Crimson Tide. According to the story line, Bama would finally punt to Mathieu late in the game, he'd run it back for a touchdown, and LSU would pull a victory out of nowhere. Live LSU-Alabama box score

Not this time, though. Mathieu barely even had a chance to field his first crack at the ball, digging it up off a bounce in traffic. He was swarmed, and there went LSU's best chance of scoring on the day. Not even joking. That was their best chance of scoring.

Kenny Hilliard nearly responded with LSU's most encouraging offensive effort of the night, grazing the 50-yard line for the first time all game. Jefferson broke a scramble through a blitz and all the way to the 33-yard line.

Facing a third-and-18, Jefferson took a shot from Vinnie Sunseri while nearly striking Jarvis Landry for what could've been a touchdown. On fourth down, Dont'a Hightower peeled the ball loose, and that's probably ball game. Six minutes.

Was THIS Jefferson's last play?


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