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2012 BCS National Championship Game Live Updates: Alabama First True Three-And-Out Comes In Fourth Quarter

Down 15-0 in the fourth quarter of the 2012 BCS National Championship Game, one of the few routes to a national championship left for LSU would seem to be allowing its playmaking defense to change the game. Kevin Minter made a play, but it likely wasn't the play. Live LSU-Alabama box score

Minter steamed through a hole on a third down for Alabama and brought down Crimson Tide field general A.J. McCarron for a big loss, forcing the first three-and-out leading to a punt on this Monday night. Minter could have done LSU's moribund offense a huge favor by stripping the ball on the play, but failed to do so, with McCarron clutching it for dear life.

And so LSU's offense is left to make headway against a fearsome Alabama defense on its own.

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