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BCS National Championship Game Final Score: Alabama Adds Yet Another Title

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Count 'em however you like, Alabama Crimson Tide fans, but the 2012 media guide's getting another one. The BCS National Championship Game ended with an unquestionable, uncontestable 21-0 slaughtering of the LSU Tigers by the best college football team in the country.

All talk of a split national championship was buried beneath Alabama's defense and left for dead by Trent Richardson's 34-yard touchdown, the first end zone arrival between these two since 2010.

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It was supposed to be another defensive slugout, but Alabama racked up a substantial 381 yards. LSU, however, did not do its part, tallying a meager 92 yards -- 249 fewer than FCS Georgia Southern put on Alabama.

Though their records are now the same, and they've split the season series between each other, and LSU won the SEC by crushing Georgia, and LSU's schedule was tougher, it doesn't matter. Not at all. Alabama is the best team in the nation. Jordan Jefferson was completely bewildered, so if we'd like to hold out the notion that Jarrett Lee might've been able to get anything done, let's recall he threw two picks to this same defense earlier in the year.

The worst college football season ever ends with the country's most zealous sports fans enjoying a title, and in a year in which their state was hammered by tragedy before the season began. For the third year in a row, the state of Alabama takes the crown.

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