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Let's Listen In On A Recruitment Falling Apart, Shall We?

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Things do get dramatic on Signing Day, and thanks to Twitter you can now listen in blow-by-blow at just how dramatic it can get.

The following conversation is excerpted from Palm Beach Post reporter Matt Porter's Twitter feed, and details a conversation between VT assistant Charley Wiles and former Hokie recruit Ja Wand Blue. Note: these were initially sourced to Beamer, something the university clarified with Porter shortly after Porter tweeted them. They stand as originally posted.

1. Virginia Tech commit Ja Wand Blue has an unpleasant surprise for the Hokies. Correction: that's ex-commit Ja Wand Blue.


2. Then Wiles ("Beamer") begins expressing his feelings, um...Frank-ly.


3. Wiles continues to get in touch with his emotions.


4. Wiles continues to attempt salvage the sale, all the while cueing up Adele on his iPod in preparation for an epic breakup cry.


5. Wiles continues to pitch through the tears. A ghost figure of Adele herself is now in the room with him, holding tissues and a glass of chardonnay for him.


The tweets peter out at this point, but we assume Wiles is currently half a pint deep in some Chubby Hubby. There's happiness in here somewhere, and he's going to find it with his spoon and his mouth, dammit.