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College Football Playoffs: Arizona State Prez Calls For Eight-Team Plan

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Now that the Big Ten has reportedly talked up a four-team playoff proposal, it seems like the rest of the college football world is a little more confident in stepping forth with BCS slams and calls for postseason tournaments. Michael Crow, Arizona State president, however, has been #TeamPlayoff for a while now.

Since telling CBS Sports in January that he'd like to see an eight-team playoff restricted to only conference champions, he's remained on message, telling the Arizona Republic the Pac-12's members "are not strong supporters of the present model."

Coincidental that a school president who operates in the same state as the Fiesta Bowl, the crowning glory of bowl corruption, is among the strongest critics of the BCS? Probably not!

We're at the point where we'll continue to see proposals and counter-proposals, even once something is finally settled upon (and for decades after), since everybody wants to be the guy who came up with the perfect college football playoff plan.

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