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Memphis And FedEx Could Be Package Deal For Big East

High-profile delivery service FedEx has a long-standing relationship with the University of Memphis, including having the naming rights to the Tigers' arena, FedEx Forum. Now that Memphis is set to become a member of the Big East, they could be on their way to delivering their prime sponsor to their new conference.

FedEx is handling this matter with care — the only statement they've made on the matter is a prepared one from the CEO — but, once the Tigers become members in 2015, they're expected to, according to their agreement with the Big East, "use best efforts to cause FedEx Corporation to provide the Conference with appropriate levels of sponsorship, advertising and similar commitments."

Big East officials are going to be sure to track the potential package of Memphis and FedEx, but they haven't exactly gotten delivery insurance on the matter, either. If Memphis can put FedEx in the Big East's drop box of sponsors, they'll certainly be an overnight success in their new conference.