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Randy Edsall Won't Let Danny O'Brien Transfer To Vanderbilt, According To Report

Quick! Danny O'Brien wants to leave the Maryland Terrapins. Where might he want to go? To the Vanderbilt Commodores, where he could be reunited with former offensive coordinator James Franklin? That's a pretty good idea! It's also been reported that Vandy's among one of his top four or so potential choices.

But according to the Washington Post, that might not happen:

It's common for transfers to be forbidden from playing for a conference rival or even for a team in the general vicinity. It's not entirely fair, but it's common.

There's no real competitive reason for Edsall to bar O'Brien from playing for Vanderbilt or any other team in the SEC, if that's what's happening. Maryland doesn't play against Vandy or go out of its way to recruit Tennessee, and the two aren't exactly in line to compete for national championships. I'd like to hear an explanation for preventing the move, if the report is accurate.

O'Brien wasn't recruited by Edsall, but he reportedly can't go play for a coach he agreed to sign on with. Neat system!

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