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Friday Night Lights Movie Could Also Be Mike Leach Movie? OK!

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So you're telling us, Peter Berg, that if there's a Friday Night Lights movie*, it could be loosely based on the trials of Mike Leach, hopefully featuring Buddy Garrity as the heroic car salesman who steps up to pay coach's due bonus when Lubbock State University refuses to do so after Riggins passes out drunk within five feet of an electrical closet? Just tell us how much money you need and where to start camping in line.

"[Katims] has come up with a really great storyline that parallels what happened to Mike Leach, one of my heroes, a coach at Texas Tech who was unjustly fired and unjustly accused of mistreating a player with a concussion, which was proven to not have been the case. He's now at Washington State getting ready for what I think will be a great redemption story," Berg explained. "It would be critical that we get Kyle and Connie [onboard for the film] -- we anchored the show around them -- and then bring in Riggins, Tyra, Lyla and all other characters as we could get them. But the idea is to really revolve it around the coach."

Who might play Leach, if it doesn't end up being Coach Eric Taylor who's getting fired by a Craig James character**? The obvious recommendation:

* Yes, there was already a Friday Night Lights movie, but in this one Smash Williams learns he's actually not Nick Nolte's son after all and gets his web-slinging powers from a genetically engineered bat, not a radioactive meteor.

** Hey, maybe James could play himself too! At least we're quite confident he would have no foreseeable vocational obligations that would prevent him from committing time to the film.

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