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Randy Edsall Comments On Danny O'Brien's Transfer, Vanderbilt Stipulation

Maryland Terrapins coach Randy Edsall has decreed former quarterback Danny O'Brien can't transfer to a list of ACC schools and regional rivals that for some reason includes the Vanderbilt Commodores. Maryland and Vanderbilt don't play each other, so there's no competitive reason for Vandy to be on the list.

We've now heard from Edsall on the matter, though of course none of the good stuff about why Vanderbilt in particular was included. Via SB Nation DC, a transcript of Edsall's remarks on the subject of O'Brien being barred from transferring to specific schools:

We had stipulations in there, the same schools for all three of them (Max Garcia and Mario Rowson). So neither of the three were treated any differently than the other guys. Again, I'm not going to get into the names, the schools of what we put on there because as we talked to the players we said that was a situation where we would keep that amongst ourselves. But usually what will end up happening is there will be schools on there that you might compete against or if there's things that you feel might have taken place that you might put schools on that list. We have that prerogative to put schools on that list, the players have the prerogative that if they want to appeal that, they can appeal that as well.

Garcia is reportedly drawing interest from Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina, so surely Vanderbilt would've had an excellent chance of beating all three powerhouses for his services? And it's very important that Garcia be prevented from playing for Vanderbilt? Have you ever confused yourself with your own sarcasm?

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