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Win Your Very Own Mountain West Logo (The Good One)

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The University of Wyoming is having their annual Cowboy Joe Club online auction this month. The list of items you can win is what you'd usually expect to see.

BBQ sets, Wyoming football jerseys, a 30' wide by 15' tall Mountain West Logo cut out of Jonah Field.


Prior to the 2011 athletic seasons, the Mountain West rebranded itself, which included a new logo. This new logo replaced all existing logos on all competition surfaces, including Jonah Field at War Memorial Stadium. Now, this piece of Mountain West Conference history can be yours! Own the original logo cut out of Jonah Field. This is the perfect addition to the ultimate sports den!


via Wyoming Athletics

Correction, it's the perfect addition to the ultimate sports den assuming you've knocked down the kitchen in your home to make room for your ultimate sports den.

Bidding is currently at $350 for the logo and you've got roughly 2 weeks to up the ante. Considering the Mountain West won't exist anymore come July 1st, 2013, I guess that makes this collector's piece that much more collectible.

Fans of the new Mountain West logo need not submit a bid.

H/T: Cowboy Altitude