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TCU Drug Test Turned Up 5 Users, Not 82, According To Report

Former TCU Horned Frogs safety Devin Johnson may have a future career in politics. After his alleged mid-drug deal estimation that 82 TCU players failed a drug test administered by Gary Patterson, the Star-Telegram reports he was off by just a tad. Five players failed the test, while 11 had trace elements of marijuana -- 86 players showed no signs of drugs whatsoever.

We don't know whether the four players arrested as part of a six-month campus sweep -- Johnson, Tanner Brock, D.J. Yendrey, and Ty Horn -- were included in the five who failed the test. It would probably not surprise any of us to learn that one or two may have been.

Even if we lumped the five and 11 figures together, which wouldn't be fair to the 11, the team still doesn't exactly come across as the smoker's paradise envisioned by Brock and Johnson. Sixteen total players with any amount of weed in their systems would actually mean TCU's football team ranks below the national marijuana use average, according to one government study, which settled on 21 percent of college students.

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