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Danny O'Brien Likely To Appeal Randy Edsall's Vanderbilt Stipulation

Former Maryland Terrapins quarterback Danny O'Brien, who's been barred by Randy Edsall from transferring to play for his former offensive coordinator with the Vanderbilt Commodores, is expected to file a NCAA appeal against the block. Bruce Feldman has all the details, including a quote from O'Brien's high school coach.

According to the coach, an appeal wouldn't be a guarantee that O'Brien would choose to head to Vandy. Instead, it would give the passer the chance to make a decision with a full suite of options in front of him, rather than those approved for him by a coach he never signed up to play for in the first place.

Feldman also cites a NCAA source, who says this kind of appeal has a good chance of succeeding. Edsall may want to drop the matter himself instead of letting the NCAA do it, as this sort of thing isn't exactly great for future recruiting.

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