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Alabama Sends 105 Letters To Recruit In One Day

This is a paywall article, but you can get the general idea. Alabama didn't just send four-star tailback recruit Alvin Kamara a few letters expressing interest ... the Crimson Tide staff sent him 105. In one day. All delivered at the same time.

If you're scoring at home, that's one letter for every available roster spot -- walk-ons included. No idea what the letters said, though, because Kamara didn't even wade through them, saying only that he knows the bulk mailing means Bama wants him. For all we know, each letter may have contained a single word, forcing Kamara to try and piece things together like a puzzle.

*A funny sidebar: When the article went up on Thursday night, a link informing readers more information on Alabama recruiting could be found at Tide Sports was right at the top. It pointed to the Ohio State Rivals site, and readers were greeted by a large photo of Urban Meyer smiling.

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