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ACC Football Schedule Delayed By FSU's Need To Replace West Virginia

Florida State needs a name-brand opponent to replace West Virginia on its schedule, which could delay the ACC's 2012 schedule just a bit longer.

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The ACC's football schedule has been delayed darn near into March. This may make many fans mad. If it extends too far, ACC fans could develop a case of what's known as "the March madness." Could you imagine ACC fans getting into something like that!

The conference says it's doing all it can. The issue, an ACC official confirms, is that canceled date between the Florida St. Seminoles and West Virginia Mountaineers. The conference wants to make sure FSU has plenty of time to replace WVU with another quality opponent, which could take "a couple weeks."

The official responded to the popular belief that FSU could simply play one of the many Big East teams now in need of a game, saying that these things aren't just plug-and-play. But a game against a Big East team "very well could happen."

The official did not respond to the damaging rumor that the Colbert Report is joining the ACC this season.