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Mike Leach's Appeal Against Texas Tech Denied By State Supreme Court

Former Texas Tech Red Raiders coach Mike Leach has seen his appeal against his former school denied by the Texas Supreme Court. Leach's lawyers wanted to argue against a ruling that prevented Leach from collecting money from Tech.

Leach began his wrongful termination lawsuit against TTU after being fired the day before a $800,000 bonus was due. An illegitimate report that player Adam James had been abused while recovering from a concussion was cited as grounds for his firing at the time, though Tech administrators has also grown tired of Leach looking into job opportunities elsewhere.

Leach is now the coach of the Washington St. Cougars, and the next Friday Night Lights movie might be sort of about his plight against Texas Tech and certain media members. Everything's worked out just fine for him, but various legal battles remain.

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