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Big East Expansion: West Virginia Gone, But Boise State And Air Force Could Join Early

The Boise St. Broncos, along with various small programs in big markets around the country, are scheduled to join the Big East for football in 2013. And the Air Force Falcons have long been considering signing on along with the newly joined Navy Midshipmen. Jon Wilner reports the Big East would like to speed those things along, now that the Big 12 has put the West Virginia Mountaineers on its yet-to-be-released 2012 football schedule.

Jon Wilner@wilnerhotline Source: Boise State under pressure from Big East to join in '12 to offset WVU departure. AF likely to join Navy in BE; question is when.

Lawsuits probably abound, but at least it looks like one conference will enter 2012 with a stable arrangement. We'll trust that the Big East, which has been quite upset with exits made by its members, is experiencing a fierce bout of angst and guilt about looking to take away perhaps the Mountain West's best two football programs.

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