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VIDEO: Les Miles Critiques Gunner Kiel's Chest Size

When the LSU Tigers scored a commitment from 270-pound Mississippi quarterback Jeremy Liggins, Les Miles called the recruit's decision to announce in front of his Ole Miss-friendly hometown a "big-chested, straightforward way to conduct business." Literally everything Liggins has ever done has been big-chested, but you knew what Miles meant, even if it's never possible to really know what Miles means.

Chest size again appeared as a critical component of LSU quarterback evaluation during Miles' remarks on National Signing Day, when he laid into Notre Dame Fighting Irish signee Gunner Kiel:

"He did not necessarily have the chest and the ability to lead a program," Miles said about the "young man from Indiana."

Kiel, you'll recall, was once a LSU commit, and also once an Indiana commit. Meaning he spurned a team to come to LSU, which Miles was cool with. Kiel's sternum is probably just fine either way, but that's not really what anybody's talking about. I don't think. It would be pretty great if all Miles was talking about was really nothing more than actual, physical chest dimensions, though.

The worst part of this is that it'll only encourage the treasured Signing Day practice of insisting YEAH WELL WE DIDN'T NEED THAT GUY, THE GUY WE WERE THRILLED ABOUT YESTERDAY ANYWAY.

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