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Danny O'Brien, Max Garcia Free To Transfer To Vanderbilt, According To Report

The Maryland Terrapins three -- quarterback Danny O'Brien, offensive lineman Max Garcia, and linebacker Mario Rowson -- could end up playing for the Vanderbilt Commodores after all. Randy Edsall has freed the three departing Terps to transfer to Vandy if they so desire, reports Jeff Barker of the Baltimore Sun.

While it's not a done deal that they will rejoin James Franklin in Nashville, it would be a strong bet that at least one of them will. O'Brien seems to have made it clear he's very interested in Vandy, with his family planning to appeal Edsall's restriction, even if only to provide one more option. Garcia, meanwhile, has drawn interest from pretty much the entire SEC East.

The players are still restricted from playing for other ACC teams, according to Barker. That's the sort of restriction that actually at least makes competitive sense, whether it's fair to the athlete or not.

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